Our Service Mission

To train and support applicants to develop plans for employment opportunity and take action to achieve career goals. We do this through high quality interactions, digital services and resources in partnership with applicants and employers.




Our Approach

  • We provide applicants with career readiness resources, self-assessment, work-shops, career fairs, mock interviews and job networking opportunities; our career services ensures that our applicants have the best opportunity to find the job they want upon graduation.
  • We encourage students to take ownership of their career direction early in their college experience, and be willing to devote time and energy to conduct career exploration activities, placement experiences, future training and education opportunities.
  • We offer precision matching capabilities for job seekers and employers through our job board connecting applicants to search, find and share jobs and opportunities.

Our Method

The following is part of the processes we engage in our career services:
  1. Job seeker/Final Year Student should apply for career services by following the two steps below :
  • Step 1 – Final year Student should obtain the Registration Form in his/her institution through our STUDENT MANAGERS .
  • Step 2 –  Submit all required documents for proper check.
  1. Candidates are selected for career training program both online and offline stages.
  2. We receive requirements of personnel with certain skills from our partnering companies. This is usually through a detailed job description.
  3. Suitable screening/testing of the applicant is done by us.
  4. We present suitable applicant profiles for company’s perusal.
  5. Appraisal of short-listed applicant is done by our partnering company.
  6. Once the candidate(s) resumes, we monitor his/her progress.